3 tips inför nyår

Betty Marie Barnes från Mac cosmetics har fått svara på tre frågor inför nyårsnatten. Eftersom hon är från USA blir det på engelska. Här kommer hennes bästa tips!

 Which trend do you think is the hottest for the New Year’s party?

– I think the hottest trend for New Years is all about minimal product but maximum effect. Dark ruby red lips is a great twist on a classic look. Sort of berry stained red. Throw in a good concealer, highlight and contoured skin and the real holiday kick this year… A shadow with glitter or smooth shimmer. Nothing dark but something that looks like skin or a natural shade of skin. I think it’s time to take back the bold lip and instead of the classic 60’s liner add a modern twist of a flesh toned shimmer on the eye lid.

Studio finish concealerMac Cosmetics

How can we fix the look at home?

– Use a soft brush to apply the color on the center of the eye. Try to avoid putting it all over. Strategic placement really gives it that subtle touch.

For the lips fill in the center of the lip with a dark red lip pen and then feather out the lipstick color to avoid a harsh line. This should look like a strong stain and fade out. I like to use a lip brush in the middle of the lips and then use my finger to soften the edges.

For skin use a soft brush and conceal just the areas that need correction. Then take a soft mineral powder or light foundation and perfect the skin. Use a contour color just a shade darker than your skin and lastly a skin toned liquid highlighter that you can tap onto the high-points of the face. Don’t forget the Cupid’s bow above the lip!

Fluff brushConcealer brushHighlighter

What do we need in our purse during the party?

-Mineralize concealer

-Lustre Drops in pink rebel

-Viva Glam I or Viva Glam II with

-Nightmoth lip liner

-Careblend Powder

Lip pencil Mac cosmeticsViva Glam 1

Careblend powderLustre Drops