Bästa chokladfluffet

Tänk dig en fluffig god chokladdessert som dessutom är GI-vänlig!

Min underbara vän Maria från Canada har det bästa receptet. Jag älskar den här. Ett tips är hacka ner lite jordnötter eller droppa i lite, lite eterisk olja av pepparmint för smak av mintchoklad!

Här är Marias recept. I Sverige hittar du silvertofu hos hälsobutiker eller matbutiker med kinesisk inriktning. Och ja, det är värt besväret.. 🙂

-1 package of silken firm tofu (this is thee most important ingredient,
don’t get any other kind as it’ll take horrible! Safeway carries it and
is usually stored by the mushrooms and other ‘meat substitute’ food
items. Just make sure it says silken firm, and get the plain variety.
-1 packet/bar of Lindt dark chocolate (I usually go for an 80% proof as
I like the rich taste of it, but go for a lesser one if you can’t handle
the heat). Use the entire package.
-A large dollop of butter (a heaping tablespoon) (good butter, not the
margarine crap that I can’t believe is still legal to sell)

Melt the butter on a low temperature on the stove and add the broken
bits of chocolate to the heated pan. With a spoon stir constantly so as
not to clump/burn the chocolate. If the chocolate is too strong add a
little bit of sugar, or maple syrup (a healthier option).
Once the butter and chocolate is melted into a gooey goodness put aside
to cool (leave on a counter, do not cool in fridge).
Put the tofu into a blender and pulse a little bit, adding the chocolate
and stirring with a spatula. This can take a few stirs and can be quite
stubborn to mix/blend so stir frequently and give it a good bang on the
counter to kick start it too, don’t be shy!
Once entirely blended, with the spatula transfer the pudding to a bowl
and let cool in the fridge for a few hours.

This tastes awesome served with mixed berries (just heat some up in the
microwave or on the stove top so you get a bit of a compote) and fresh
mint and goes well with white wine, or champagne if you want to be